Acceptance speech for the Turner Prize 2022.

Published on Jun 1, 2014

Futuristic fictional Turner Prize held at the Tate Swindon 2022. Whereby the exaggerate character Miss Brightside is nominated against her alter ego's, Katie Bright, Snow Bright and Katie Brightside. 

Many thanks
Editing: Lighterthief

Photography: Tragic Kingdom #1 (2014) - Mark Pepperall
Photography: Tragic Kingdom #2 (2014) - Christopher Gonta
Assisting: Ann Brown
Photography: Tragic Kingdom #3 (2014) - William Carter
Assisting: Alexandra Pace
Film: Deconstructing Scopophilia (2014) - Charlotte Law
Film: A chorus Line (1985) - Dance Ten Look 3 - Audrey Landers

Special appearance
Sports Ken, Rock Star Ken and Dinner Date Ken with no shoes.