sesame street: 50 years and counting - exhibition

Baddy McBad, digital print, A2, 2019_ Miss Brightside


Curated by the renowned Eddie Zammit. The exhibition opened in Melbourne Central, Australia, 25th October 2019 - 27th January 2020. In collaboration with Radio Velvet.

Exhibiting 50 artist from around the globe, each asked to draw one of 50 characters in a bespoke digital artwork.

Baddy mcbad - miss brightside…

My history of the Bad Girl..

After my 2018 Mickey’s 90th birthday exhibition hiccup, where 2 days prior to the opening my artwork had been banned for my “interesting instagram content” I renamed myself, the bad girl of Disney.

It was such a shame, as I’d almost got away with turning Mickey into Hugh Hefner! Under a signed contract I can never publicly show this artwork but it does hang in the pool room of a person that I’ll name Mr Anonymous.

So when it came to dishing out character for the Sesame Street Exhibition, Eddie Zammit couldn’t wait to give me Baddy McBad - pretty on point don’t you think…

My interpretation of Baddy McBad which I’ve illustrated.

Baddy Mcbad: Sesame Street: Superhero | Elmo the musical, 2016

Which mask do you wear?

When Baddy McBad topples in her super-suit it’s a metaphor. The inflated ego (super-suit) is bravado (mask), lack of self-image and self-worth. Once your tumble off you high horse let your guard down, you rebuild from the ground up. You put your own oxygen mask on. Then you can assist others to be better versions of themselves.