Serve on 2nd

Serve on 2nd /// Hermosa Beach /// Mural 111" x 73"


The Mural…

In collaboration with Kuskin-May

Abby Kuskin and Annie May the interior design firm behind Serve on 2nd have a unique design objective; a strong inclination for custom detailing in their multi national design projects. With a unique agenda they sort diverse artists like Welcome to the Brightside and together they created the mural for Serve. The brief was to create an image that encompased a positive feeling. Energetic, fresh, using a stylistic swagger from Brightside. “Life is very simple when you get to enjoy the pleasures of dining in a cafe and watching the world go by. We just wanted to reiterate life is good and a happy emotion. We used watercolors, layering of paint marks, brush strokes and multiple illustrations to build a charismatic beach scene. So whilst your sipping your coffee and fulling your belly with breakfast it makes you feel alive and inspired. I just hope the patrons enjoy this mural as much as we did creating it” states creative director Katie Bright