Red and the wolf within - Female

Farmers Daughter Hotel, LA, CA, USA /// Red and the Wolf Within - Female Restroom /// Mural repeats left to right wallpaper print /// 122 x 155 cm 


Photography courtesy of Nathalie Gordon


The Tart restroom wallpaper artwork is a tongue-and-cheek nod to the history of the hotel. Prior to the Picataggios’ ownership of the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, it was a rent by the hour motel; the artwork playfully reflects that sexual undercurrent.

Miss Brightside sees restrooms around the globe as a vital but neglected interior space. “Not only are they a practical necessity,” she says, “but they should be recognised as a sacred thinking or time-out space.” On a more practical note, most people do urinate four to seven times a day, so whether they’re thinking or not, most of us sure do spend a lot of time in there.

By that logic, the restroom is a veritable hive of activity - especially in a restaurant setting when the peeing frequency is influenced by how hydrated you are and the types of fluid you drink.

But whenever Brightside thinks of restrooms, she cheekily recalls the sensation that was George Michael’s arrest in 1998 at Will Rogers Park, Beverly Hills. An undercover officer "went into the rest room area and did observe Michael engaged in a lewd act. He was by himself. The officer observed the act and arrested Michael” stated Ed Kreins at a press conference that April.

George Michael’s response to this exposure was a formidable work of satire, the video of chart success, Outside, which also included sampling of the authentic radio reports of his arrest.

“This was an ingenious way of taking back his power and responsibility for his human desire. Haven’t we all flirted with the idea of Lewd Acts?” Brightside suggestively states (with a wink).

Definition of Lewd Acts


  1. Obscene or indecent acts, characterised by, or for the purpose of becoming aroused.
  2. Sexual behaviours that are unlawful in nature and are performed with the intention of arousing the perpetrator or the person to whom the behaviour is directed.

The thought of Lewd Acts = Human, have you read George Orwells' 1984?

Over the last five years Miss Brightside’s fine art practice has appropriated the fairy tale, Red Riding Hood*.

With her Red character now in the position of the masterful hunter, Brightside wanted to deliver two wallpapers for the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel restaurant Tart, each depicting a side of her personal sexual conflict.

“Increasingly, women would reclaim Little Red Riding Hood from the belly of the beast and put her in the place, and even in the fur, of the wolf.’ confirms Catherine Orenstein [Little Red Riding Hood, Unclocked, Sex, Morality and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale, 2002].

Research Board /// Red and the Wolf Within - Female

The female restroom wallpaper is primarily viewed from the eye of the innocent girl about to embark on her journey into womanhood. Brightside suggests that the women’s restroom is “an example of a pre-pubescent girl with subtle signs of her curious thirst for lust.” Symbolic illustrations demonstrate this viewpoint. Idyllic cottages with white picket fences, perfect wholesome apples, whole cherries, a china plate, cup and saucer, women’s needle craft, and cherubs iconisizing love.

Photography courtesy of Nicole Reed and Eddie Zammit

Portrait of a Husband

But the men’s wallpaper has a linear feel with the trunks of the forest trees. This bathroom has an undertone of being sexually charged. For example, things to look out for on the wallpaper design will be in contrast to the females, a eaten apple, broken plates, skeleton bones and lost underwear in the foreground of the forest.

Featured in both restrooms are the Tart Peepshow**. It’s conception derives from a show Brightside had at the Royal Academy, London, exhibiting a film behind a fisheye lens positioned in a wooden door.

“I’m intrigued about the historical contexts of Lewd Acts peeping**, whether it’s sexually pay-per-view from a brothel or ‘club’ or via a priest from the 18th Century spying on sinners through the eyes of a framed portrait,” Brightside says.

Portrait of a Husband /// Inside the Peephole  /// Artwork by Bronques "Last night Party"

Tart’s Peepshow is a nod to the history of the motel that stood before. Inside the Peepshow, a sight specific film from Last Nights Party is exhibited, its voyeuristic artwork elaborating on the restroom’s risqué concept.

So, welcome to Miss Brightside’ world. She dares you to take a peek…

*For further information on Miss Brightside fine art practice:

**In most jurisdictions, indecent exposure and peeping are the most common types of lewd behaviour.