8' x 8' instagrammable mural for the Amercian Cancer Society 15 July 2018 spirit gala



Written by Carol and Katie Bright, Wife and Daughter of Brian Bright 1950-2013


Bright, Brave, Fearless

In 1970, Swindon, UK, a young man at 20, noted his shirts no longer fit him

As his neck grew, larger shirts were bought

He eventually realised it wasn’t muscle growth from playing rugby

He went to the doctor

A biopsy carried out

Diagnosis confirmed, Hodgkin Lymphoma

Courses of radiation arranged

Marks imprinted his body, like tattoos from the organ protective radiation shield

Allergic to most drugs, the radiation made him sick.


RAF Squadron leader Newman took an interest in his case

They flew drugs in from America along with a crate of California oranges

The climate in the UK is to cold to grow such a special treat

He was always nostalgic about this gift from California.


People died on this ward. It was frightening for him.

During his treatment even he was resuscitated twice

After hair loss a wig was made

He would tie a string to it, pretend it was a rat and would pull it across the room to tease his niece 

He was a joker, a lovable giant

5 years later he was in remission.


I was born 1979

Mum calls me her miracle, but I think my dad had the miracle.

He lived another 38 years, passed in 2013, heart bypass complication.

He was the best human I’ll ever know, he was Bright, Brave, Fearless.

The concept: 

The American Cancer Society distinguished events manager Tommy Lee asked me to be part of the Spirit Gala 15th July 2018. As a token of appreciation for donating the art work, the American Cancer Society offers you an advert in the Gala Tribute Magazine. Tommy mentioned most companies or individuals tell a story of how cancer has affected their lives. Thats when I said why don't I just make a mural about my dad, telling his story about his battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma, the seed was planted.

Everything drawn in the mural are visuals from the poem or are things my dad loved, his garden, flowers, birds, koi carp, cheese and pies. Big thanks to Trio Worldwide for donating the print and 8' x 8' structure. 

To purchase the leggings or tee created for the event click here. Proceeds go to American Cancer Society. For a custom commission please use the contact page.

Sponsorship from MYEVENTISTHEBOMB and Trio Worldwide

Clothing based on the mural can be bought from Welcome 2 Brightside on Etsy